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A Professional Traveler + Freelance Journalist + Photographer = A Valuable International Location Scout!

As Professional Travelers, Freelance Journalists/Writers and Photographers we are skilled at ‘seeing’ a place, scene or destination through the eyes of an audience.
This job is not only about discovering and sharing breathtaking or unusual landscapes, cultures or backdrops; it’s about atmosphere and character.

“It’s about turning a visual setting into a tangible feeling.”


About seeing a place for what it was, what it is and what it could become.
Ours is the art of persuasion, seeing the world as the artist/researchers we are, understanding the subtle nuances of audience expectation and, effectively conveying that message.
As Professional Travelers our minds are like photo-albums over-flowing with images of all the things we’ve discovered on our journeys.
It’s not unusual for someone in the trade to simply see an image and know exactly what part of world it was captured.

“We are known for choosing a destination or location based on the message we want to convey at any given time.”


We regularly associate a place with its Geography, Topography and Geology, as much as it’s Culture.
In essence, Professional Travelers are libraries, untapped resources when it comes to scouting out locations for print, commercials, t.v. and film.
We are well versed in obtaining permits, clearances and permissions, negotiating deals and co-coordinating  and managing the logistics of the final-shoot and interview for our story.

“We manage our time, travel, finances, people and our foot-print.”

We are organized and professional. We are visual and technical. We are talented artists.

“By mere virtues of our trade, we have become International Location Scouts.”

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