Allyson Mellone made me spit out my morning coffee!

It’s always a pleasure to read what others write about your blog. There comes a time when your blog, becomes your baby.

You nurture it with words and images, comments, shares and likes – and when someone else likes it, comments about it and shares it with their readership, you become a proud blogger-mother (of sorts). I can’t mother my kids anymore, they are grown and won’t let me, so I guess this is the alternative.

A blogger from New York has recently written the following about 1life196countries. I wanted to share her words and her site, because I am thankful for the kudos and, because it gave me a chuckle with my morning coffee when I read, “the entries are curiously titled”. I actually spat out my coffee as I read it!

I don’t know why it had that effect (perhaps because I’m a curious person) but I’m thankful it did. Allyson Mellone, you made my day. Thank You!

I am happy you like my blog enough to share with your readers, because that’s what blogging is about!

What Allyson wrote:

1 life 196 countries
Just as storied as the title, this blog of travel narratives excites with its details of people, places, and things. The entries are curiously titled and accompanied with captivating and wondrous photography.

My favorite posts are:
-Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit.
-Grouse or Grou-chicken? B.C Wildlife as Friendly as it’s People.

*Allyson is a jewelry artist from New York whom I follow. She not only makes some beautiful jewelry but shares artistic visual images and verbal entries about her home, to which I have never been.

Her blog is new and has been nominated for numerous awards. She is talented in many regards.

So stop by Allyson’s site, give her some kudos and love and let her give you a tour of New York, through the eye of an artist. Perhaps you will take a piece of it home …


Are curious titles a good thing or a bad thing in the blogosphere? What do you think?


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