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UPDATE: Date of next contest to be announced!

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I’m sure you all remember the recent, Biggest Baddest Bucket List Contest you didn’t win; well neither did I!

However, I was so stoked with the potential of the contest because it relates to the style of “local writing” I teach at my workshops and equates to “Responsible Experiential Tourism”, I have since joined forces with My Destination British Columbia; a partner within the largest global tourism network in the

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Yes, you know them; the visionaries behind the #BBB!

I learned throughout the process of the BBB contest and during my workshops, there is an outstanding bounty of fabulous British Columbia writers

They all have a unique ‘local voice’ that I wanted to share with the world. Large numbers are newbie or wannabe travel writers who have gone un-noticed or have a limited audience and are under-exposed.

As a local travel writer getting noticed is the most difficult task. You can throw many a wonderful word at paper or screen and draft a fabulous story, but it takes an audience to breathe life into it.

You may have already realized you are up against some serious competition, as we discovered during the BBB, which makes it very difficult to get published; especially if you have yet to develop a ‘published port-folio’.

The only logical step to bring my vision to life was to collaborate with the leaders in the industry to give you all a boost and help share your words; you have many priceless travel stories that relate to British Columbia and we wish your voice to be heard around the world!

So, 1Life196Countries is happy to announce an ongoing travel writing contest in which the winning story will be published electronically at both My Destination and My Destination B.C.!mydest logo

*Please keep in mind the readership of these two sites is enormous, and global!

*So put on your thinking-caps, fuse your fingers to the key-board, hone in on a B.C. location, come up with a fresh angle, and send us your one-of-a-kind, travel stories!

*We live in one of the most beautiful natural provinces in Canada, let’s keep it that way and show the world what we’re made of! * Remember, Local Writers/Stories are the corner-stone of “Responsible (conscious) Travel”!

 Contest Rules:

Open to all local writers in British Columbia! (not just those who have completed or are enrolled in my local writing workshops)

Entries per person: you may enter as many high-quality, unpublished stories as you wish! *In the event your story wins, it will not be entered on either ‘My Destination’ sites if it has been published elsewhere.

Topics: Adventure, Arts & Culture, Editorial, Family Fun, Food & Drink, Inspiration, Mini Break, Retreats & Relaxation, Seasonal Celebrations, Sports or Interviews.

Area: Anywhere in British Columbia – *only B.C. specific stories will be accepted

Word Count: 700 – 800 words – be sure to self-edit word count, structure, grammar etc. as you are writing for top-notch sites with a very large readership and global exposure!

Title: 45 (characters with spaces) max
Subtitle: 50 (characters with spaces) max

Voice: “Local” – if you have questions about what this means please contact me

Images: please try to include three high quality master images you have taken (no copy-right infringement) *If you don’t have images no worries, we will cover that for you, but please try your best.

Copyright: You agree by entering this contest, that if your story is chosen as the winner ‘My Destination’ and ‘My Destination B.C.’ own full copyright to both your story and your images. *You will never post your story in it’s entirety on your blog or any other site, (magazine etc.)  But, may include a 200 word synopsis recapping it and a link to the ‘My Destination domains’ and 1life196countries blog if you wish to re-direct traffic to your winning story.

Each entry will be posted on 1Life196Countries as they arrive and will remain there for the life of the site. You therefore agree to the same rules of copyright if you are not the winner, however copyright will convert to 1Life196Countries.

Choosing a Winner: Myself, Kelly Little of 1Life196Countries and Rosana Brien, Managing Director of My Destination British Columbia, will announce the winner on this blog and across our social media sites. We will also be contacting you via email.

Include With Your Submission: All submissions must include your contact details, links to your online work, and a 100 word bio and image of you.

*Please Note: In the event you are the winner, your story will be removed from 1Life196Countries site and re-posted at My Destination and My Destination B.C., though we will ask you to write us with a 200 word synopsis which will remain at 1Life196Countries and will link to your story’s new permanent home.


GOOD LUCK! Do B.C. Proud!

Kelly Little | 1Life196Countries


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