Tours by Locals – Private Guide for Barbados and B.C.

toursbylocalslogoAs many of you know I have been going to Barbados for years now. In fact I was married there in 1996 and it has since become my second home. Over the years I sort of stumbled on the private tour business. I would meet someone, we would strike up conversation about my years spent there and inevitably I would end up giving them ‘off the grid’  tours, sometimes even swimming lessons!

I have done the same in British Columbia over the years, have always enjoyed myself immensely and have made many friends from around the world.

In fact, it has helped me to travel more as we always become friends and they open their homes to me.

So between that, being an International HouseCarer or offered accommodations to write a review, I don’t often pay to rest my weary head and well traveled feet.

I have enjoyed myself so much and coaxed by so many people that I’ve decided to do this full-time, and have since  been approved as a contractor for ToursByLocals.

I’m now offering PRIVATE tours in both Barbados and B.C.

You may wonder why you would book a tour when you can discover things on your own – what so often happens with this scenario is you miss the great spots guide books don’t mention or, because you are unfamiliar with a new place you aren’t able to budget your time because you have no idea where things are, the distance, or the time factor involved in order to fit it all your adventures in a day.

All ToursByLocals are private – the only attendees are the ones you bring – rather than being with a lot of strangers like a typical tour.

Choose and existing tour or let me design one specifically for you in Barbados and B.C.

There’s nothing better than touring with a local!  Insured through Lord’s of London. Check it out and let me know what suits your fancy!

Happy travels! Hope to meet you one day!


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