Beer and Hockey in Barbados!

bertsbarlogoBarbados is one of those rare islands in the West Indies that has everything covered when it comes to entertainment. Sometimes an extended stay in the country leads to a little homesickness, especially if you’re Canadian and a little down in the mouth because you think you’re going to miss your evening hockey games.

Cheer up! Hop a ZR, grab a cab and head to Rockley in Christ Church. Tell the driver you’re a Canadian craving a hockey game, a beer and a mouth smackin’ meal. He’ll drop you at place called Bert’s. Give him a nice tip because he just carried you home!

Boasting more than 24 plasma screens pumping out pure international adrenaline, stone fired pizza, the best beer in Barbados and poolside Daiquiris, Bert’s Sports Bar is the island’s hot spot.

You might agree it rivals any you have frequented back in the heart of puck country! You may enter Bert’s with a down-turned mouth but in two seconds flat your smile will pass your ears and meet at the back of your head!

On any given night the place is hopping. Do you cozy up to the bar? Head pool-side or hit the dining room? No matter, because wherever you focus your eyes there is the puck, a base-ball, or football!

In fact, you may recognize the people sitting next to you with beer in hand and pizza cheese dripping from their chins as players from your favorite teams!

Canadian owned by Eugene Melnyk, (Chairman, Governor and Owner of the Ottawa Senators) Bert’s has been slinging sports, beverage and rib-sticking food since 1976 and they know what you crave. Recently renovated, you now get an upscale taste of the tropics and home for a fraction of your dollar.

The energy at Bert’s makes your beer colder, your food better, the pizza cheese more stringy and the thrill of the puck hitting the net more crazy.

So wipe the sand off your feet, throw on some clothes and get there early to pick a prime seat to have your food and drinks delivered to – because you won’t be sitting all night, you be jumping around, high-fivin’ new friends, hootin’,  hollerin’ and cheering with the rest of the patrons!

Bert’s is 10 minutes south-east of the capital Bridgetown and 15 minutes west of the Grantley Adams International Airport; it’s easy to get to and you certainly won’t forget how to get back.

For a little taste of Bert’s before hand, watch this little video when Canada scored the first Olympic goal against the US in 2010.

They are open seven days a week from 11:00 am to midnight. +1 246-435-7924

Happy Hour and a Half starts at 4:30 pm.

Don’t forget to tell them I say Hi!

Well, maybe I will even see you there one day!


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