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Travel Bloggers: Deconstructing the Work of Ancient Explorers

“The Red Queen Theory states that ‘in order for things to stay the same, they must change.’  Today’s Travel Bloggers are that change.”

Human history started with the record of the written word; “wedge-shaped” writing, Cuneiform, in which symbols were silently pressed into wet clay tablets using a triangular-tipped stylus in Mesopotamia.


The craft soon evolved into the chinking sounds of words being carved on stone tablets. Eventually, whispering scratches could be heard as humans began inking on papyrus.

Today the ancient sound of written words has a new vibration, a quiet tap, tap, tap on our keyboards. The purpose of these words is the same; but the new sound we hear resonates very loudly in our universal consciousness and tells us an entirely different story than those we have heard for millenniums.

“Travel writing is nothing new; it is as old as the history of man-kind.”

The stories are still the result of global exploration and the words still heard (read) among the restless murmurs of slaves seeking stewardship, truth, peace, freedom and spirituality.

Those slaves are today’s Conscious Travelers and you, the Bloggers, are the explorers who are leading and changing the way.

Historically words from the explorers were used to divide, conquer, rape, pillage, extract and capitalize on the earth’s resources to gain power and riches, we now use them to repair the selfish endeavors of the likes of Christopher Columbus; to sustain and restore that which we have nearly lost in the name of progression.

“Where once the ancient travel writer wrote with selfish disregard in an attempt to colonize or de-humanize, the New Age Explorer uses words to re-humanize

“Travel Writers, more specifically Bloggers who practice and promote Responsible Tourism are revolutionizing the art of travel and deconstructing the works of Ancient Explorers.”

Through our explorations and shared words we have become time-travelers on a mission to liberate our planet.

“We are turning the spool counter-clockwise and re-wrapping the yarns that have unraveled civilization.”


One thought on “Travel Bloggers: Deconstructing the Work of Ancient Explorers

  1. Interesting Kelly, I just saw a program last night on civilizations uncovered thousands of years before the Egyptians, Mesopotamia and beyond. The theory was also that weather (Sunami) or natural disasters wiped out the cities or towns.


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