The Rosewood Georgia Hotel, history and uber-luxury in Vancouver, B.C.

Rosewood Georgia hotel

*image from hotel gallery

If you are a discerning 5-star tourist or history-buff, are accustomed to being pampered, pride yourself on elegance and the finer things in life or, consider ‘uber-luxury’ your middle name,  then you may want to call the historic Rosewood Georgia Hotel (built in 1927), your temporary home on your next visit to Vancouver, British Columbia. In fact, you might enjoy your stay so much you decide to purchase a private residence.

It is said people leave a part of their soul wherever they go and perhaps that is the secret of the the hotel’s success; it’s foundation rests on the essence of many celebrities and even British Royalty! Let your imagination run wild knowing you have joined the ranks of  such guests as Elvis Presley,  John Wayne, Nat “King” Cole, Katharine Hepburn, Louis Armstrong, the Beatles and even Errol Flynn who, apparently died (while a registered guest) at a friend’s house in the city. Legend has it his body was propped in the lobby of the hotel and an extravagant party ensued! However untrue, it certainly is a fascinating story … to read the rest of this article visit my channel at the


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