INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: Should Every Country Open Their Borders And Allow People Free-Range?

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I was reading a story by Matthew Teller today about safety while traveling in Egypt. According to Teller some places in the country are safe and some are not, like anywhere of course and, this saddened me.

After reading his personal account most people would  inadvertently be compelled to do further research on government sites which, in the end, might have you mouthing, “No! Egypt is not a safe place to travel to!” – just like those sites say about Barbados and yet it is one of the safest countries I’ve lived in.

Egypt is the most culturally rich country in the world.  A rung on man-kinds cradle and a phenomenon that so many wish to explore. And yet, we’re fearful. We’re fearful of exploring many places on this earth for reasons that are always based in politics and religion – one in the same.

What would happen if each country in the world opened up their borders like forward thinking Panama, Dominica and a handful of others have attempted? What would happen if all the people of Egypt for example, realized they are sitting on a gold-mine and capitalized (in a cultural sense) on that? If they understood that they are one of the most culturally significant and important countries in the world that sits atop the human pyramid, and that the root of being human rests in Culture not money, power and politics. If they knew this, they would understand travelers will eventually seek that, rather than the other.

If every Egyptian understood their collective importance regarding human history and humanity as a whole, perhaps they could set aside political unrest, differences and agendas and focus that same energy into tourism?

Would open borders change their politics, their economic and social condition, their hopes, wants, needs and dreams? Would it change and better their future? Would this progressive ideology be beneficial to every country? I would argue a big fat YES!

If borders were opened to people with new ideas, philosophies, skill sets and resources and amalgamated with the ideas of those already living there, more people would emigrate/immigrate. The inevitable result then? Significant ‘responsible and sustainable’ social, political, environmental and economical changes in any given country.

If the entire political and religious globe reevaluated the effects of imaginary boundaries on its peoples I think we would all be shocked at the result. The secret is, I think, that the powers that be already know … that’s why they keep us divided and geographically repressed? Because how can they control the masses if we aren’t fenced in?

*My argument in this piece is simple. Keeping borders closed does nothing more than breed contempt, poverty, foster discrimination and fuel political fires. It slows down good and speeds up the bad – impedes much-needed change and progression and actually skews the way we perceive things.

Intangible geographical boundaries floating on the air waves, invisible reflections bouncing across lake, river and ocean currents. Lines carved into rock and crawling across mountain tops cause tangible, real world problems and yet, we allow it.

Humans are inherently nomadic. Every fiber of our being whether we hear it or not, scream for our feet to move, our eyes to see new things, our brains to wrestle with new information and our taste-buds, to be exhilarated.

None of us, enjoy being fenced in.  That’s one of the reasons we have such a high rate of anti-depressant, drug and alcohol dependency; why we head-butt our government and why there seems to be no solution, not just in the Middle East, but to anything relating to the global societies’ political nooses.

We think, or should I say we are conditioned, to believe we’re free to roam because we’ve been allotted a certain range to assuage our nomadic desire, like cattle or sheep, but we’re not. Our fences are invisible, just like the electrical ones we bury in our yards so our dogs won’t stray. What if, we were simply allowed to graze peacefully, exactly where we wanted to be?

We humans all came from the same place, the earth. We humans all want the same thing – freedom to enjoy our earth and become it’s steward.

I wrote a story titled ‘Were you Born in the Wrong Place?‘ , a story that relates to a large demographic of the enlightened, yet still repressed populations and people and speaks volumes, between the lines, of the nomadic human condition.

Hmm, human condition – we are conditioned aren’t we? To believe where we were born is where we belong and, that we must protect that pasture with misappropriated political ideologies at whatever the cost.

The Earth is my pasture and it should be yours too. We have the God-given right of free range to move, to change, to do, to help; but sadly we don’t.

And even more sad? We allow it by refusing to change because no matter how hellish things may be for us somewhere, we people find comfort in that hell – because we are brain-washed to believe that that comfort, is more important than being human or a human that is simply being.

I say its high time we consider the cock-fighting and belly busting of politicians, government and religious bodies and global entities – there is strength in numbers, (that would be us sheep on the range), open up the borders and let life be lived as your God meant it to be.

Yes, I know these boundaries are seemingly very strong and powerful and rooted in all types of confusion, but don’t give up hope because there is a movement of universal consciousness,  a cellular urge and a need of the human condition that is breaking through them like a seed that has the power to burst through concrete -because we all have a wish to share our earth and our lives and simply make it a better place, to be human.

What if where you were born doesn’t feel like home? What if,  you could do great things for humanity, the environment, the social condition of a different place than the one you are currently at? What if you can never be your best, show the world your best, if you are never permitted to shine where you see the light? What if?

Yup, that’s why we are restricted – can you imagine if we had that LIBERTY? 2% of the population would collapse (the overlords) and the rest of us would be living in heaven!

Do you disagree? Tell me.


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