The Sexy Side of Traditional Environmental Knowledge

Over my lifetime I have been legally married to a Canadian Scot, common-law to a Russian, a German and a Bajan from the West Indies. What my relations with them confirmed to me was how I love to survive using my own devices in a world that wants to turn me into a victim by dumbing-me-down, or killing me in the name of technological progression.

The term redneck in it’s most derogatory form equates to racist ideals – yuk! To those of us who value what God gave us to survive  it means  Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK), Common Sense, Analytical Thinking and Creative Genius – on that level, I’m proud to be a red-neck from Northern British Columbia whose had red-neck lovers from countries that still practice TEK and still have common sense!

When we think of TEK our thoughts veer toward survival methods practiced in the old countries by many Cultures whose TEK seems to have been systematically erased by religion, politics and technology.

We are presently under the impression that this fascinating knowledge is a thing of the past, but it’s not in many Cultures. They still practice their old ways and I have the utmost respect for each and every one of them, that’s why I travel.

I am a thinker so nothing is more sexy to me than a man who can use what God gave him (in its natural state) to solve a problem, build a shelter or feed himself. By growing up in the backwoods of Northern B.C. I have learned that forward thinking is using what God gave me NOT what mankind made me, and these foreign men validated my mind-set. Do You Prefer Foreign Lovers and Why?

In honor of this narrative and my respect for forward thinkers please watch this video – it’s fantabulous Russian problem solving at it’s finest!

Smart Russians


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