3. Write For Change: My Blog Post Closed a Tasteless, Racist, Tourist Attraction in British Columbia

“Every writer has an agenda – No matter what genre our writing style fits into we all write for the same reason; a passionate need and an insatiable desire to tell a story and make a difference.” Kelly Little

As a writers we are artists, visionaries, forward thinkers, change-makers, influential leaders. Our words are important and our writing makes a world of difference to someone, somewhere.

Whether you realize it or not, every one of your written words  strikes a chord in your audience, makes a difference in their world and has a snowball effect to some degree.

If you’ve ever told yourself you can’t make a difference, please bite your tongue next time and remember this:  ‘Making a difference’ can not be weighed or measured and there is no such thing as a small difference!

What you may consider  small  may have huge repercussions now and in the future. Consider evolution for a moment – from a single-celled organism to all the phenomenally complicated species that inhabit this beautiful planet today.

Writing for change means making a difference, period!

Whether you curate a ‘Lipstick Blog’ that educates young girls and women who had no female influence in their lives the art of application and color choice based on skin tone, write about Responsible Travel, humanitarian or environmental issues – you’ve made a difference – such as my words did about a tasteless, racist tourist attraction in British Columbia that had the power to cause a lot of damage.

Does the change I caused by my “damage control piece – Tasteless Tourism on the Racist Train” feel small to me? Not on your life when I consider how it influences the world!

Never again will an unsuspecting tourist come across this graphic display of ignorance, no small children traumatized, tourism in British Columbia won’t suffer because of it, the owners of the 3 Valley Gap and employees will have learned the lessons of neglect, the difference between the Red Cross and the Ku Klux Klan, the power of writers and social media to effect change and, other businesses will consider this lesson in humility before setting up attractions meant to entice trusting tourists.

Dear writer, please know there is strength within our Gonzo Journalism/Blogger community. We can use our words in a way main-stream journalists can’t and mainstream media balks at therefore, we will affect the fastest and most significant differences in this world.

So I pray you never stop writing because your words have, and will continue, to make a difference!


(This is the most recent email I received from the owners of this display)

Hi Kelly,
The ghost train car has been shut down, and will not be opened again.
Thank you,

Have you noticed what changes you have made in the world so far? Please share …


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