Surviving Marrakesh

Taking to the Open Road


1. A fool and his money…

Know your prices and do the research. One of the main reasons why so many scams do happen and why locals view tourists as walking ATMs is because some of us behave like the gullible, moneyed idiots some Marrakshis take us for.

Taxi from the airport to the medina – 100dh
Horse drawn carriages (caleches) – 100dh an hour.
Orange juice in Café Argana, on the terrace overlooking the square – 10dh
Lamb and apricot tagine at Café Argana – 90dh
1 hour hamman and a 45 minute massage session at Les Bains de Marrakech (tourist only hammam; there are definitely much cheaper places) – 550dh

2. Helping hands

Give children fruit, sweets, bread, pens or colouring pencils. Money only encourages them to beg and skip school. It also encourages them to swear at tourists who ignore their requests for money, as Jeff and I…

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