The Red City: Marrakesh, Morocco

Taking to the Open Road

Marrakesh… what can I say about Marrakesh? The red city still has moments of deep beauty, but they lie hidden, and unexpected. I have heard tell that Morocco is like a woman behind a veil – mysterious, unreachable, enigmatic. I found Marrakesh neither mysterious nor enigmatic, but it is difficult to get underneath the skin of this city – to really understand her, and her people.

The airport reminds me of KLIA, except a lot smaller, with less glass. The air outside smells acrid, and it is a few days before I realise what it is – fumes from the traffic. Our driver is there to meet us, and we’re off, into the darkness. The area outside of the medina is all flat, straight roads, much like back home. But we are soon inside the medina, and our taxi jostles for space alongside donkeys and pedestrians and motorbikes. A porter…

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