Papua New Guinea

My New Guinea Experience – Lakotoromola

my new guinea

As soon as I hopped out of the car I was greeted with the stench of burning pig hair, a smell I m very much accustomed to and it was all the evidence I needed to know that this was a big Custom Wok (traditional ceremony) I was about to witness. This was my first Lakotoromola.

As I followed the crowd I noticed a huge long table which was built about 2-3 meters above the ground, puzzled I looked thru the eye piece of my camera and zoomed in on the table, there neatly scattered on top were many pieces of pork, I lost count after 50, there was a lot of pork up there!

I gently pushed pass the crowd of people protecting my camera as I passed, I walked over to where a group of children gathered playfully shoving each other and squealing “wee la bolo” I recognised…

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