I went to Uganda last week! Not only did I want to see more of East Africa, I met with Jimmy, A Ugandan from Gulu who’s starting an Affirm business there. It was great to see the country, meet the people, and learn more about African travel for my longer road trip to South Africa in March. Lessons learned include:

1. Stay with people you know to get the full experience

2. You save time and money with night buses

3. Bring mosquito spray

4. Cheap adventures are usually more adventurous than expensive ones

5 Hitchhiking is available as a last resort

After arriving in Kampala the first day and spending the night with people from EarthWise Ventures, I hopped on a bus to Gulu. The journey took us from the rain forest of Kampala, past the roaring Nile and wild baboons, to the bustling town of Gulu…

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