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Livin’ the Christina Lake B.C. Life 

Submitted by ~ Sadie Sweete (Christina Lake, B.C.)

When my husband and I were coasting through life in a metropolis we knew this was not where we wanted our son to grow up. We both grew up in a small town and loved it. My husband had relatives at Christina Lake and after a few visits we decided to settle here; we loved the lake and the wilderness of the area. It is not fully developed but still has character and history, some of which was built on the lives of generational vacationers. The area has many amazing frontier stories that are only a generation away, not hundreds of years; and we found this exciting. People in this area still get fire wood and canning remains a big summer event. There are quilting, sewing and knitting groups; not the ones started by a fad like in the city, but are what have always been. Healthy living is more of a way of life and not just a craze; hunting is a very normal way to get meat. A winter staple? Deer and Elk steaks! The Elders of the area, ever resourceful and ingenious, are accustomed to getting things done without having everything at their fingertips. They share stories like, “We didn’t have a bulldozer so we ordered a kit and build it!” The outdoor life here rocks! Our favorite things include hunting for old abandoned mines, water skiing, biking and swimming, fishing, geocaching, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skating on the lake and snow shoeing. We never get bored and most of these things are free or dirt cheap. There are of course some down sides to the lake, like no sidewalks and, because the community runs along a highway it can be a problem. The highway can be loud and the speed is 60km/h which we think is too fast for a small town – oh and it’s not a town per se, it’s in the Regional District. It would be nice if it could be ‘a town’ as it has issues and challenges that only pertain to un-incorporation. But all smaller places face these same challenges and as it grows, as long as we all work together, changes will happen.

Christina Lake BC


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