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Christina Lake BC – Trails Upgrades


View of Christina Lake BC from one of our trails!

Any local person or seasoned visitor to Christina Lake B.C. Canada will tell you the same thing, “It’s not just a place, but a lifestyle on your door-step!” Whether your passion rests in Soft Sport Recreation or you take it to the extreme, this is the place to do it all – in, on and out of the water! You may have noticed a number of changes over this past year that support active living and progressive initiatives geared toward community development; one of which focuses on the myriad of trails that meander throughout the region.

We are home to some of the most picturesque sections of the Trans Canada Trail and many others that are not as publicized or meticulously developed but, equally exciting. Our trails are utilized by a diverse demographic with special interests such as, mountain bikers, hikers, birders, snow-shoe enthusiasts, cross country skiers, horse-back riders, photographers, naturalists and adrenaline junkies alike.

Like the residents and stay-cationers of ‘the Lake’, the Christina Gateway Community Development Association (CGCDA) and the Christina Lake Tourism Society (CLTS) are proud of the outdoor space we all play in, share and enjoy. In an effort to promote and increase activity on the trails we are undertaking a project that will create a well-known, well documented, user-friendly trail environment.

Some of the things you will notice in the near future will be the installation of 250 signs along the trails that are branded with QR Codes so smart-phone users can access interesting information on our website, and the installation of numerous bike racks at regular community gathering spots. Along with the hard-copy maps we are producing we are also creating and geo-tagging some very exciting interactive maps online.

Our mission is to digitally document, using still photography and video, all of the trails in Area C; promote them regionally, nationally and internationally and continue with further trail development. This summer you will likely see myself, Kelly Little, Vice President of the Christina Lake Tourism Society, Dylan Fontaine and Pierce LeClair out and about documenting the trails and its current users; give us a big smile if we snap your picture and don’t hesitate to stop for a chat – we’d like to share your trail stories, kudos or concerns.

Happy Trails! Kelly Little, on behalf of the CGCDA & CLTS



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