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Top 2 Ways to Become a Trusted Travel Writer: Loyalty and Truth

Do you ever write stories that have negative connotations or do you gloss over them and only focus on the positive?

As Travel Writers our loyalties lie with the Traveler NOT the Destination or service provider.

“Your job is to evaluate and test the service or Destination such as the store owner who hires ‘secret shoppers’ to evaluate the staff.”

The reason for this is two-fold:

1. It sheds light on the hows and whys of improvement.

2. It shows you respect your audience; the reason we write in the first place!

“Your job as a Travel Writer is to be truthful. Although you might not be employed by a media outlet that mandates how you practice your craft you are still bound by writers ethics.”

Leave the fabrications to the powers that be.

As a Travel Writer the most important thing for you to remember is you are not selling a Destination but sharing an experience; based on that alone your audience will decide if they want to buy and, the company or Destination will appreciate your honesty and decide what changes, if any, need made based on your review.

If you hone your words respectfully and honestly, you will become a trusted and valued writer.

Please share our world truthfully – don’t sell it out for a buck – that’s someone else’s job.


4 thoughts on “Top 2 Ways to Become a Trusted Travel Writer: Loyalty and Truth

    • Thank you Cameron Yorke! As writers are we the ones selling the product? Is it our job or concern to sell it? Or does that job remain with the business owner, or travel agent, or magazine. Online writers are keyboard marketers yes, but I don’t feel that should be our primary focus – ours is to simply share, let the others determine how to sell it and our audience will decide if they want to pay that price according to our experience. Our written word is merely a stepping stone to the person who is doing the selling. The business is the one who reaps the most significant financial gain not the keyboard marketer.

      The word ‘sell’ is a relative term. If you come to ? Market based on a review from your friend who had good dealings with a clerk named “Kelly” and purchase an apple from me – I sold you, on behalf of the owner, an apple. You friend merely sold you on an idea, not a product.

      A mainstream writer is told by the editor what angle to take, yes. The writer compiles the story based on the angle and sells IT to the editor who then publishes it in the medium. The writer sold the idea to the editor – the editor and the business who paid more for the story to run than the writer received, sold the destination.


  1. My last destination abroad was Ireland: Dublin and Belfast. I loved Dublin; the town, its habitants, the monuments and the night life in the pubs of Temple Bar, where hear the traditional irish music was really special.I want came back again!


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