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Are you participating in Indigenous People’s Week?

Indigenous People's Week

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4 thoughts on “Are you participating in Indigenous People’s Week?


    The first inhabitants on this continent.

    The ‘white man’ was here 11,000 years before any ancestors of ‘first nations’ were.

    You can deny the scientific proof to suit your land-claim agendas all you want.
    It’s not like you’ll ever win – as always.


  2. Oh, goodness, no!

    I don’t believe that the Indians were the first people here.
    Where is the evidence to support this claim, other than ‘we say so’?

    Besides, they lost their land because they were conquered, just as what has happened to every culture in history, so why do they think they are so special that they get to complain about losing the war?

    They should be thankful they were spared, and not wiped from the annals of history itself. Ingrates!


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