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Bangkok in 3 days

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Taking to the Open Road

Mad, loud and congested, Bangkok takes some getting used to. Like all great cities, though, there are many layers to Bangkok, and like a sultry seductress, the city does not give up her secrets easily. We spent a short three days there over Christmas, squeezing in as much as we could, including a daytrip out to the train market, floating market, an elephant camp and the Bridge over the River Kwai.

Day 1

Bangkok’s manic traffic ensnares us with her claws and we sit in a couple of hours, inching along like a snail from the airport towards our hotel. Motorbikes zoom in between cars, riding on the edge of danger. School children walk home in herds. On every other corner there is a shrine, brightly coloured, draped in flowers, set with offerings. Finally we reach Siam Kempinski, our base in Bangkok, a welcome oasis of luxury and peace.

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