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Good luck to #BBB HQ and everyone who entered, you all did a fabulous job!

MyDestination-BBB-ThePrize-827by331Well folks today is the day. Entries close for the Biggest Baddest Bucket list Contest; what a fascinating ride it has been to meet all the like-minded peeps who love travel. A lot of talent out there –  it’s going to be a very difficult choice for the BBB HQ!

I personally had to beat myself up to enter. I thought I wouldn’t stand a chance being new to the blogging and the social media world. What made me reconsider is knowing my abilities and talents as a seasoned writer, traveler, adventurer and off-the-grid tour guide in Barbados and B.C.

With a background in anthropology and a kick-ass Northern British Columbia personality I felt I would make a great ambassador!

Ya my entry is only a slide show, but how can I video tape something when it’s just crazy ol’ me travelin’ this world, amid some crazy adventure that would wreck my cameras?! LOL

Through none of my blog stories did I launch into my woes that would play on people’s heart strings; I have some pretty freaky personal traumas that would traumatize you as well! and have been life changing on a negative level. Those who used these tactics saw votes shoot through the roof.

Nor, did I beg for votes by dangling a carrot in front of peoples noses or neglect the rules of the contest by trying to elicit mass votes, thank God it isn’t all based on social votes or I wouldn’t stand a chance!

My daughter and I had this conversation yesterday and she told me if I had seriously wanted social votes that’s the card I should have played, but if I wanted a win based on integrity and ability, I did the right thing.

She is a smart girl and I raised her! LOL She is almost as smart as her mother! hahahaah…she hates it when I say that!

So I don’t know if I will win. I suspect not. But what I do know, is I stayed true to my pride, morals and the BBB rules, however difficult that was; because a win like this would seriously help out some pretty special people in my life by giving them a leg up and is the only item in my bucket. Always has been, since I was a child; and not for myself but for others.

Like anything in my life I am honest and fair and feel if I have to beg for something it isn’t worth having on a personal level. Maybe I am just an twit! LOL

If I can’t win based on skill and how I could potentially represent the world, I would rather take a loss and enjoy the contest for what it was – a marvelous idea to unite Cultures to make for a better global society – my whole purpose in life!

I have said it many times and will say it again – KUDOS to #BBB HQ! And good luck to everyone who entered, you all did a fabulous job!  

But shit I could use a holiday! LOL My Destination? Barbados!


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