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Grays and TorreysCommon Man’s Guide to Hiking Grays and Torrey’s Peaks

The following post will be a guide to hiking two 14ers in a day. It will also be a forum for suggestions, comments, and accolades for hikes completed. The NAEE team completed this hike on June 23, 2012 and created a guide starting from Stevens Gulch Trailhead to the dual summits.

A brief introduction.

This is a high elevation hike (see map above). Elevation training is essential. If you are a visitor to Colorado and this is a bucket list endeavor, please take it seriously as many injuries and deaths have resulted from being unprepared. If you are in low, to moderate shape you may consider an exercise plan to create a foundation before embarking on this hike. It is not the most difficult hike when prepared, but it has challenging aspects. For example, a short list of accidents that have…

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