Papua New Guinea

Mama Baharu & Mama Maus

my new guinea

Kwalakesi Village, W.N.B.P
Kurkuru (native dove) Clan

In every village in PNG there are women like sisters Baharu & Maus . These women possess a special Skill which has been passed down from generation to generation. This skill has been perfected to secure the continuality of the clan, their bloodline, along with their culture, tradition and language, by safely delivering into the world their next generation.

Fondly nicknamed Mama Baharu, meaning “widow” Baharu has delivered many babies including whole families from mother to children to grand children with the help of her younger sister Maus.

Together they follow a special ritual which was taught to them by their mother, a little song they quietly sing to the baby to coax her out and insure a safe delivery.

“Bureki mapatili, e baby mapatili” she sings while gently pressing the expectant mother’s belly. “Baby turn your head upside down like a (sleeping)…

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