What happens in Dukem, stays in Dukem: Ethiopian Las Vegas on the Danforth

The World At Our Table

So, a couple of Saturdays ago in mid January, the Vicarious Travel Society met at Dukem, an Ethiopian Restaurant in the East End of Toronto.

The original plan was to go to our trusty standby out on the other end of Bloor in the Dovercourt Village, The Queen of Sheba. It had been some time since we’d been to see the Queen, so I thought I’d do a little research, check and see if it was still around, and if so, where, because I couldn’t quite remember. A Google search sucked me straight into Chowhound, where many treasonous statements were made about the Queen of Sheba and how it could hardly be compared to nearby luminaries African Palace and Nazareth. But reigning over the vigorous Nazareth-African Palace fray in the affections of Chowhounders was this other place called Dukem.

When Margie begged off on our initial Audience with The…

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