Bali: Island of a Thousand Temples

Taking to the Open Road

Although Bali is a perennial favourite with most Australians, I’ll admit I never really saw the point. Asia exoticism? Meh. Stuff I grew up with. Hot weather? Sydney summers are as warm, minus the humidity. Win. Beaches? Live near one. Yawn, yawn and more yawn.

That is, until I went there.

There’s a warmth and beauty about Bali that goes further than the beaches, the rice paddies and the temples. Bali’s bliss is, without a doubt, in its people and a tangible spirituality that infuses the entire place.

Landing at Nguh Rai, the Denpasar airport, we join the raucous, ballooning lines for a visa voucher for J. USD$25 and a voucher later, we join another line to get through immigration. The visa on arrival option is for Australian, UK, EU, Canadian and American passport holders and are valid for a 30-day stay. It’s best to have US dollars in cash…

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