Weekend Video: Nicaraguan Nights

Life Out of the Box

Here’s an awesome music video of an awesome song, sung by an awesome guy. We’ve been interacting back and forth with Dave Zsay on twitter for a while–we think he’s pretty damn cool and love how much he appreciates Nicaraguan and its beautiful culture. We found his video and got really excited because the whole thing is filmed in our favorite Nicaraguan city of San Juan del Sur. If you’ve been following us, you’ll probably recognize some of the places we’ve written about and taken photos of in the video… from the beach to Iguana’s Bar to Black Whale to the bus stop just outside of Hospedaje Elizabeth. I even love how the girl in the video is drinking a Toña, so fitting. This video captures San Juan del Sur at night perfectly. Enjoy a little taste of SJdS along with music to get your Saturday night started off…

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