Costa Rica / Nicaragua

Costa Rica vs. Nicaragua

Life Out of the Box

For years, there has been a “sibling” rivalry between the Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans. Before moving to Central America, I had never been to Nicaragua nor Costa Rica. It was all new to me. After experiencing them both though, I think they’re both great! Of course I’m a bit more partial to Nicaragua as I’ve spent much more time there, but I thought Costa Rica was lovely as well. Ironically, I found more similarities than there were differences between these bordering countries. They’re both beautiful, warm & lusciously tropical Central American countries. There are, however, some striking differences as well. Here I compare and contrast the two wonderful countries to show you the differences and similarities a first timer saw of the two.

Cost of Living

Costa Rica is much more expensive than Nicaragua. I’m talking like way more expensive. The prices for just about everything you see in Costa…

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