Peru: the country where children crash cars and adults start floods

Kate goes exploring

I might not be living in Peru any more, but I still want to write an update on what’s been happening at the school I used to work at, because I think it’s hilarious.

The Peruvians I know have always been pretty relaxed about drink driving, breaking the speed limit and running red lights, but now they’ve gone one step further. Junior’s cousin Kadu – who can’t  be more than twelve – decided to take his eight-year-old cousin Stefany for a spin in her dad’s Hilux truck. When Kadu saw that he was heading straight for another car, instead of hitting the brakes he put his foot down and crashed right into it. Stefany’s father happens to be a police officer, so – incredibly – the gist of this story is that a twelve-year-old has crashed a policeman’s truck. Luckily, Hiluxes are virtually indestructible (if you want proof, here’s Clarkson putting one…

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