Lost in Translation

Kate goes exploring

Yesterday, I tried to tell my Portuguese family (Antonia, Zé and Ana) that I’d eaten some sausages. They thought I said I’d been smoking shisha.  Later in the evening, I thought Antonia was saying that she needed to take up gymnastics, and I suggested that she do the splits – she tried it, but with an infinitely confused look on her face, because as it turned out she hadn’t even mentioned gymnastics and had been talking about something completely different. The language barrier makes it a lot harder for me to join in conversations, but on the bright side, at least my contributions are memorable!

Here’s a sample dinnertime conversation (translated; even if I wanted to transcribe it in Portuguese I probably couldn’t).

Ana: Kate, would you like some jelly?

Kate: No, I’m not Latina. People do think I am sometimes, but actually I was born in London, and neither…

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